Setup for base and multiple rovers (possibly using USB connection)

I have several moving objects. For every object, I plan to have one rover. For all the rovers, I have one base. Is there some kind of a limit, how many rovers can one base serve?

As I understand, using wifi for rovers is standard. But this means I have some problems setting everything up (DHCP assigned IPs can change etc). Would it make sense to use USB for every rover (the module is close to the object)? That way my rover modules would be easily configures (for every object, the configuration is the same - 192.168.2.xx). Has someone used this kind of setup? I have some problems getting RTK module working with USB. Also, even if I get it working, my base will be in a different subnet. What would be the best way to set up the network configuration so that rovers can access base?

Your probably smarter than me. But I’m working towards a multi Rover setup also. My rovers will be isolated to a single location. My solution was to set DHCP to hand out specific ip addresses based on Mac address. So they virtually have static ip addresses. While it works in bench test I’ve not had it in the field yet. I’m green to the raspberry pi and navio. I do have networking experience very little programming experience. Maybe that will help.

Thanks for the reply! In my situation, I cannot configure DHCP to give out IP addresses. The idea here is, that the number of objects (moving object + reach module) is not limited. Adding a new object should be as simple (ideally no configuration) as possible.

My current “solution” is that when an object connects to the network, it is preconfigured with corresponding rover’s MAC. Now it scans all the devices in the network to check whether they have the same MAC (for that I need to try to log in via ssh and check the MAC - haven’t found a better solution). And after I have found the reach device, i know the IP and can start using its data. It’s not a very good solution, but it works.

Not sure this is what you are looking for, but I use dd-wrt firmware on my router which gives me option to store name for each Mac address and that way know what reach I would connect to.
I could also lock/store given Ip address to mac so Ip don’t change every time.
But setting static Ip for reach and then have the same address each time is also possible

Static IP for reach would be a good. I tried to achieve this, but it didn’t work for some reason. I followed the discussion here: Set static IP for WiFi on Emlid Reach

Did you check out this one?

Thanks for the link! This solved the static IP part.

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