Set static IP for WiFi on Emlid Reach

I’m using Emlid Reach on a small drone for outdoor application where there is no other WiFi available. I created a WiFi access point on the microprocessor of the drone. The WiFi interface is static instead of using DHCP. Other devices could not connect to the WiFi access point unless a static IP is already set on it. May I ask know how to set a static IP address for the Emlid Reach?

Why don’t you try duplicating the static IP setup for usb0?

See here:

I would think you could make another file named /etc/systemd/network/ with Name=wlan0 and Address=192.168.xx.xx

Hi bide, thanks for the prompt response. I tried your method and made a file named /etc/systemd/network/ with Name=wlan0 and Address=192.168.1.xx (the subnet is 1 for my wifi access point). However it doesn’t connect to the wifi hotspot until I key in sudo ifconfig wlan0 192.168.1.xx manually (like what we do to connect reach via USB from computer).

I was wondering whether there is somewhere I have to tell the system to read /etc/systemd/network/, since it doesn’t seem to read the file I created. Moreover, I’ve tried it with port 22, with port 24 and without port (192.168.1.xx/24 and 192.168.1.xx/22), neither of them works.

Sorry I just realised the number after slash is a mask instead of port. But anyway, I doubt the system is loading information from my .

@nickhuan, did you get somewhere with that? I am seeing the same problem probably.
I have created with Name=wlan0 and static IP. But still, IP gets automatically assigned by DHCP.

I got the solution from another topic here. You should follow this one: