Set a fixed IP to Reach M2

This is a feedback from several users requesting a method to set a fixed IP address to the Reach M2 when connected to a LAN.

Currently, when connecting to a WiFi network, the Reach M2 gets its IP address dynamically from the router DHCP.

Being able to fix the IP address would make life easier to deploy some pre-configured setups on sites such as boats, dredgers, or offshore platforms, where one works with several devices and sensors communicating with each other in the same LAN.

Is there a way to do it already ?
If not, is there a plan to do so ?

Thanks for the great work @Emlid !


Just a thought: If you have access to the DHCP Service/Server it should be possible to configure an IP address reservation for the MAC address of your Emlid device.


In that case, yes that’s possible :slight_smile:
Having the choice of going through the DHCP server settings or the Reach settings would be super nice though.

Hi everyone,

I see you started investigating this possibility already :sweat_smile: What I got to tell you is that you can’t access the DHCP service on the device. We’re not planning to open access to it for now.

There are currently two ways of providing your M2 with a static IP:

  • Use the USB modem that has a SIM card with assigned static IP.

  • Connect via Ethernet to a router and assign the static IP in the router’s settings. It’s possible if the provider gives that option, though. So it can require additional costs.

We’ll consider how we can ease this process for you in the future :slight_smile:


Thanks @polina.buriak


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