Serial Telemetry and External GPS - How to Configure?

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I want to use an external GPS because the one included with the Navio2 does not work in the presence of a DragonLink 433MHz telemetry transceiver.

I am using the Navio2’s UART for the serial telemetry port. How would I connect a GPS?



Do you mean interference messing up the gps signals?


You need an USB to serial converter with 5v out to power the GPS.

Option to pass to Ardupilot is -B /dev/ttyUSB0.

If there is an I2C compass on the GPS board, I2C lines (SDA, SCL) go to the I2C port of the Navio

RMK: Navio GPS should work with Dragonlink 433. Antenna placement is the key.

An antenna ground plane could help you:


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TB_RTK and Mark,

Thanks for the tips. I will make a groundplane and try.

TB_RTK - yes the GPS cannot acquire satellites when the 433MHz transceiver is running.

Also, Mark can you please recommend a USB to serial converter? Like this one?

Or, maybe an FTDI serial adapter?



Humorous development:

I was able to get the GPS to work amid the RF by installing a rudimentary shield, but I don’t think it will work in practice.

I got 10 satellites and a 1.2 hdop - certainly flyable with the frying pan in place. At least now I think the cause is that the GPS antenna needs shielding from RF.

Funny enough, if you flip the pan around you would get much better gps signals. (less multipath)

This seems to be working well. Getting 10-12 sats, 1.0 hdop.

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