Sending corrections via RFD900 to reach RS+

Hi, I’m trying to send corrections from a reach M+ (set up as a base) to a reach RS+ (set up as a rover) via RFD900 radio connected via UART. So far I have not been able to establish a link. Has anyone achieved this and what settings do you use?

My RFD900 is set up as: image

And the RS+ is set up as: image

RFD900 != LoRa

So you are in the wrong tab. Switch to:

  • Tab: Serial
  • Device: UART
  • Baud Rate: 57600
  • Format: RTCM3

You do have two RFD900 radios, correct? You have one RFD900 directly connected to Reach M+ and the other RFD900 is connected through a “RS232/TTL” converter board and then through the RS+ cable to your RS+?

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That’s the RS correction input in that photo. The M+ is set up as as you describe. image

So I’m trying to use the LORA radio thats already in the RS+. So M+ as a base, corrections sent via RFD900, and corrections received by rover RS+ through default LORA. No second RFD900. Is this possible?

I’m sorry to say that you have a “regular CB radio” and an “encrypted VHF police radio” for lack of better terms. They are not going to talk to one another. You need a pair of radios for it to work. Same brand same model, same firmware.

Sure you might be able to make two different radios talk to each other but they have to run the same firmware or at least the same encoding. And even in that case you would want to have some proof that it can be done before you bought dissimilar radios with the intention of having them talk to one another.


I should have suggested that all you need is the LoRa module for your M+ to get your setup working:

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Well, that is depressing. Thought I’d done my due research! Have bought a M+ lora radio. Really Appreciate your help mate, thanks.

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