Sending corrections from another brand of survey grade GPS

Hi Bide, Apologies is this is a stupid question, I have two HKPilot Transceiver Telemetry Radios that I use to connect laptop to my tough wing drone, I also have an M+ on board the tuffwing, is it possible to send a correction to the M+ from another brand of survey grade GPS (Pentax G6ti) over this type of connection?

Hi @c_donno2001

Pentax G6ti should be able to output corrections in the RTCM3 or one of the following formats for integrating with Reach M+.

If you can set this up, then you will most likely succeed to connect them via your HKPilot transceiver.


The pentax can output RTCM, CMR+ and NMEA messages ant any frequency between 410MHZ and 470MHZ. Do you know how would I go about configuring the HKpilot transceiver on the M+ end to receive the message from my base? And do I need another cable to connect my M+ to the HKpilot transceiver?

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Hi @c_donno2001,

You can connect an external radio to Reach M+ via USB or UART.

HKPilot radio can be configured in the ‘Correction Input’ tab of ReachView app.

You may need a UART or USB cable for connection.

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