SBUS Signal Jumbled

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After confirming with Radiolink that nothing is wrong with my transmitter and receiver I am not trying to figure out any reason why my Navio2 is not interpreting SBUS channels during radio calibration. A user suggested that the period of ouput from rx may not matchup with the period of Navio2. Can anyone at Emlid confirm this? I am using Radiolink R9DS rx with AT9S tx.

@tatiana.andreeva Is there anyone at Emlid who can provide me with further information as to why my Radiolink SBUS is seemingly incompatible with Navio 2?

Hi @paul.ebbenga,

  1. SBUS should receive a 14ms signal but you send 15ms with your transmitter.
    It seems that it shouldn’t matter. However, we haven’t tested such configuration.
  2. Did you try to connect another RC receiver? Does it work?
  3. Also, it can be a calibration issue. Could you try to make it again and write your step-by-step actions?


  1. Yes, I have tried both Radiolink R9DS and R10D2.
  2. Open QGroundControl. Power up drone. Open radio calibration. Select calibrate button. Power on transmitter. Select OK button. Lower throttle. Zero trims. Select Next button. Follow stick input suggestions.

After last step is where I experience issues. I’ve never been able to make it through all stick inputs without it freezing / not responding after a certain suggestion (it changes when it chooses to freeze). When holding a stick as suggested, one or some of the channel monitor dots will be jumping back and forth.

For example, in the image below it asked me to move the yaw stick all the way to the right. While holding, channel one monitor jumped about 1/3 of slider width back and forth from left to right.

Here is a picture of my setup, motors disconnected, lipo powered, radio paired and set to SBUS, flight mode normal.

Hi @paul.ebbenga,

I can assume that the issue can be connected with your controller channel settings.

Do you have servo?
In that case, you can connect it to each channel and make a test.

I have retracts with servos yes. Are you suggesting I hook up servo to receiver channels or servo rail?

@paul.ebbenga, I recommend you to check each channel with a servo. This can help you understand whether it is the one you are expecting.

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