Sbas and qzss, can I use them?

I confuse about sbas and was, can I use it or not. I have never hear about sbas and was use for my office RTK, only when I know rtklib, I know about sbas and qzss are exist, but can I use it? Any body can explain to me what are they and how to use it?

Yes, you can use it by adding\keeping them in the list of used systems.
Information about what SBAS is can be found here.
Article about QZSS can be found here.

What are rtcm messages should I add to base configuration?

SBAS data can be received and used by the rover directly from the satellites, no need to add anything to RTCM.

I just consider carefully the implementation picture bass on this map, my country is not included in the scope of sbass implementation.

ok, can i turn sbas 1107 off at base station?

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