No option to select QZSS satellites in Base mode

I am running an RS2 as a base and an M2 as a rover. I can see the QZSS satellites on the base status and Rover status in Reachview V2.24, however I can’t see the QZSS base corrections on the Rover status in reachview. The Base RTK settings allow the selection of QZSS, but in Base mode settings there is no option to select QZSS.
Is this an oversight or am I not understanding something?

SBAS and other terrestial correction system are not supported in RTK-mode, however, you can use them in post-processing.

Thanks Christian, So in RTK is there any advantage to be had by having the Rover observing satellites that do not have corrections transmitted. Like the QZSS satellites that have at least 1 satellite almost directly overhead in my part of the world most of the time.

For RTK no, but always nice to have for verification during Post-Processing.

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