RX with Esri Survey123 & QuickCapture


I came across this topic in the forums ArcGIS Survey123 integration

This method doesn’t work with RX. Is there any way to make S123 and QC work with RX?


Hi @Y_Chau,

Position streaming with Reach RX is possible only via Bluetooth. If your surveying software can accept the streamed position this way, the setup should work fine.

One more note: it works only on Android and Windows devices.

Hi @kornel.nemeti

Esri Survey123 and QuickCapture don’t find RX when searching for Bluetooth devices. Just to be clear, its not that RX doesn’t work with these apps, but it completely fails to appear in Bluetooth search inside these apps. While it works perfectly fine with another Esri app called Field Maps.

Any guesses what could be the reason?