RX Update Connection Problem

No. I returned the RX to my distributor, E38, for a warranty replacement.

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Were you able to update to firmware 1.5 with the new one?

E38 did that for me before shipping the new unit to me.

Excellent. I’ll give them a call tomorrow. I purchased from E38 as well. Thanks.

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As it turns out, it was just the timing of plugging the unit into the USB port. If you do it too soon, it won’t find it. Thanks to the folks at E38, working together, we figured it out.

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What would be nice to know is if the returned device did in fact have a more severe hardware problem or just this simple solution @E38_Survey_Solutions ?

@jaredplnormand had something else going on with his RX that we haven’t determined the root cause of. We forwarded all of the device info/system report to Emlid for diagnosis and haven’t done much else with that specific receiver since the warranty replacement.