I already successfully complete the post-process in static perfectly in le rtklib.
but how can I make the rtklib only show me the points taken and not the route of the gps.

Hi @jeraldoproyectos,

May I ask to clarify your application? Have you recorded the log on one point only?


Hi @jeraldoproyectos,

In that case, you need to split the log to time periods each point was recorded, and then process these logs separately. You can cut the log in RTKPost tool changing Time Start and Time End values.

Next time I recommend you to record the standalone log for each point as it makes the workflow simpler and more convenient.
You also can collect points in RTK using Survey tool.

I find it easier to use the logging like a survey mode when doing individual control points like this. Keep a field book and note the visual location and/or description at that time. Just start and stop the log at each point and process them individually. Basically the same thing as taking a shot and saves a ton of time on the back-end searching through thousands of lines.

Maybe check out this thread.

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