Hello, what difference does this RTKLIB QT have with the previous version for RTKLIB EMLID 64bit ???


Hi Gabriel,

The RTKLib version 2.4.3 Emlid b33 makes possible both single- and multi-frequency processing in one software. We also fixed a few minor issues reported by users and made some performance improvements.

OK @tatiana.andreeva hank you very much

Dear @tatiana.andreeva When I finish doing a post process in RTKPOST-QT and I want to see the result with Plot RTKPLOT-QT opens but without the solution (no solutions)???

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there is a problem there, the same thing happens to me

Hi Gabriel, Luis,

Thanks for the report! We’ll address it.

May I ask you to clarify whether you work with Windows or Linux build?

we work with the version for windows

Hi Tatiana Windows 64 bits

Hey guys,

Let me update you on this. We’re still working on fixing this issue with RTKPlot opening empty files. I’ll inform you once we’ve fixed it.

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Thanks Polina