RTK with emlid M2 and here3 GPS (CAN) problem

want to ask something about pixhawk with RTK emlid module…
pixhawk cube orange running latest arducopter…

my last configuration was here2 (I2c) as GPS1, and emlid m2 as GPS2 (RTK) that works great, all satcount showing satellite and GPS2 get RTK fixed…

now I’ve replace here2 with here3 (CAN bus) but emlid as GPS2 not showing satcount…
GPS1 works fine…
emlid m2 using serial to GPS2 port

is pixhawk cant handle CAN and serial for all GPS at same time?
need different setting for emlid M2?


Hi @fajarsptian,

We’ve tested that these settings work fine for Reach M2 and ArduPilot:

I can hardly comment on whether Pixhawk has any restrictions on the setup you described. Have you tried to contact Pixhawk support? I believe they may provide you with some recommendations regarding this question.

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yes I already contact to pixhawk support
thank you

Pixhawk can’t handle CAN and Serial GPS at the same time. Unfortunately you will have to go back to HERE2 using I2c (GPS1 and GPS2 serial ports).

Check this other post HERE

I already successfully configure here3 and emlid m2…
cube hex guys help me…
just set gps1 port to other than gps, and all good to go

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