Here 2 can gps / emlid m2

I saw a solution in the following link where one can use Here 2 canbus with emlid m2, but unable to find the actual parameter to be changed. I am runniong Here 2 not Here 3, could somebody specify what parameter changed?


Hi @atob,

I don’t know which exact parameter Cube support suggested to that guy. But I researched a bit, and it seems to be this one. If it doesn’t help, I’d ask the autopilot’s support. Most likely, they know better.

that me who trying to find worked parameter to do RTK with emlid module

from what I learn, ERB protocol works better for ardupilot, so set your emlid output to ERB, and match the baurdtare with pixhawk settings

Hi @fajarsptian,

I see. ERB indeed was designed to work with Ardupilot, so it sounds fair. Good to know for future reference, thanks!

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