RTK Kit - is this enough to send and receive signal? Would it work sending 10KM radius signal to rover?


I am seeking to set up a base station, and to send an RTK position to a rover. I would like to mount the RTK base station on a barn, and to send a signal in a 10KM radius.

Does this Reach Kit (see link here) seem like it would suffice for this use case? Does anyone know if they come with a 10 KM radio to communicate between the base and the rover unit, or is that an add on?

That is the kit I bought from robotshop as well. Had a good experience with super quick shipping. The kit is enough (except for ground plates and power source) if you are sending rtk corrections over internet or local network.(Both units need to be near a wifi signal for this) Otherwise you will need a radio. That is an extra. The word is that Emlid will soon be selling a higher end LoRa radio but I don’t know the time frame on that. I use a Mifi Novatel Wireless for powering and providing wifi to my base station and send corrections via internet but if you are using it continually a radio would be a better idea because of data costs.

Brent, if we needed a radio to do the 10KM send on a rover and base station, any thoughts on where to get one / units to get?