Which Radios to order for Reach correction info?

Could somebody suggest which radios to use for sending correction info from base station to the rover? I have spent time on the forum and documents as well as on ebay and amazon and I thought maybe somebody would be willing to tell me which are cheap and still work. I am technologically challenged as well as short of money to spend on trial and error purchasing :)… I have been using NTRIP because it’s so simple, but I would like to try radios for where I don’t have data connections. Thanks!

I bought the RFD900+ radios for my Reach units last year. However, ReachView 2 is now supporting the LoRa radios that are built in to the new Reach RS. We have been doing some testing with good results and Emlid is soon going to offer the LoRa radio for sale in the web shop. If you can wait for them to become available, then you will likely get better software support with the LoRa radios.

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If you need the radio now I’d suggest to opt for an affordable SiK-based solution like this one:

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Mikhail, Any idea on range for those SiK radios?

Should be 1-2km depending on your environment.


I have been looking at upgrading my two Reach units to use the Lora radios. In the future, it will most likely be better to get the Reach RS units as the value added by the package integration would likely be worth doing so. Do you have an idea of when Emlid might offer an upgrade kit to existing Reach users for adding Lora radios?

Thanks for your many helpful Forum comments & tips…

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No prob :).

I think we will see accessory LoRa radios for Reach in the shop at some point, but sorry I do not know when.

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