RTK GPS for a Lowrance marine chartplotter

Is any of this EMLID antennas capable of transfering the pos. on nmea2000 or nmea0183 to a marine chartplotter? I can recieve the signal on wire or wireless to my network.

The idea is to be able to have a accurate vessel position within 10-50cm.

Yes, Reach outputs NMEA0183.


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BUT. Your unit is most likely to output its position with 5 decimal accuracy, that is 1m.
Also be aware of speed it can handle from an inbound transfere. Most units accept 1hz.

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I was hoping the captain would chime in :grin:


I have the new Lowrance HDS live 9 and would like to have a accurate GPS antenna without using a base, is that possible?

Are you happy with your setup and how accurate is it?

Your setup would be as accurate as the antenna you use. If rover is used “as is” without any correction it will only give few sub meter accuracy. (Hence using the rover only)
RS depends on correction data of some sort to get into the cm area. Just so you dont think i use mine without a base.
Your lowrance would most likely use data it gets and place you (your boat) accordingly, but the position (coordinates out of your system) is limited to meter. That is fine by many as long as it place the boat on your map ditto accurate as the antenna is able to.
There are alot of chartplotters out there, not 100% sure yours is like mine but i suspect so based on previous readings i did.
My current setup is ok for my goals. I use slow speed (but high speed heading 10hz)to get the best images of the sea floor. If you run your boat at higher speed you might run into issues with only 1hz adapter.
Might want to check out options to get it over wifi or jack up the speed on your local network.

Thanks for your answer. The reason for my needs for a accurate vesselposition is due to structurescanning and beeing able to verify pipes, cables and other thing laying at seabed. I think if i can have a GPS pos. Within 0.5m that should be good enough.

Is there a rover that carries a slot for simcard to be able to get RTK from 3G or 4G?
That is a option that will be ore userfriendly on a vessel than a base.

The soon-to-ship RS2 has a SIM-slot, yes.


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