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Can someone help me set up RTKexplorer for PPK measurements with RS2.
I am not able to postprocess. Thank you

What error are you getting?

@wizprod Hi Crhistian !!! I can’t do postprocessing as I did with RS +. the first minutes do not process them and then at the end yes. The initialization was 10 minutes, maybe it should be 15 minutes?

Can you post your datasets and screenshots of your settings here ?

I am using data from a CORS database and the rinex are 2.11 gps and glonass, to the ublox I convert them into rinex 2.11 to be compatible. I made the mistake of not putting the base with RS2

the configuration you use is the same as the EMLID help, it does not explain in the case of rtkexplorer it is for the EMLID version

So everything works now?


go to the rtklibexplorer site, he has a run down of useing the ublox f9

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@tatiana.andreeva @gleb.gira SystemReport[1].zip (1.1 MB)

Hi Luis with RTKLIB suggested by Tracy you can get a Fixed solutions.

I can not get fixed solutions, something happens in the rinex of the new version. With RS + without any problem I can process

I try now and reply…

name longitude latitude elevation antenna height antenna type
CORD -64.470048266° -31.528434591° 746.846 0.092 TPSCR.G3*

Is it correct ?

the base is in a place free of obstructions and very few satellites are shown, in rechview 34

the base of the first file I uploaded

I got a fixed solution for 7 points and float for one but next time try to put more observation time…

can you explain me how to configure?

Yes of course , look at this link Post Processing Reach with Topcon Base Station
and use Demo5 b33a.

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I always do the same for the configuration of the base, I don’t know what other parameter I will have wrong.