RTCM MSM3 Compatibilitiy issues / Firmware

Hi, I haven’t been able to use Can-Net NTRIP provider lately and I learned from this thread:

that Emlid RS2 is not compatible with MSM3. It did work when I first bought the receiver, so I wonder if the MSM3 compatibility was lost at some point on a firmware update. Would it be possible to install an older version of the firmware to make it compatible use that NTRIP provider?


Hi @Amedio,

Reach RS2 hasn’t worked with the MSM3 messages. There were no changes in the supported messages during the latest updates.

You can check out the full list of compatible RTCM3 messages in this thread:

It seems like the caster changed the RTCM3 messages that it sends to the rover which might cause the issues with connection now. Could you please share what RTCM3 messages your NTRIP caster works with?

CAN-NET has just updated their messages and it is working now.

Thanks for the answer.


just recently my local COORS started to provide MSM3 messages and as you say above these are not supported by emlid M2/RS2. Is there a specific reason for that and/if you will add support for MSM3 in the future?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @vgo195,

MSM3 messages don’t provide enough data for M2/RS2 to calculate the solution. At the moment, we don’t have plans on adding its support.

Do your local CORS provides only MSM3 messages? I guess they may have mount points with different message formats.

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