RS3 with External radio

Can we use Lora antenna with external radio unit? Or it is necessary to purchase UHF radio antenna? If you have any suggestion please

The normal answer is no…unless you stay very close to either 1. the base radio which mostly defeats the purpose of the UHF, or 2. you used a repeater if you were locked into using a site base.

The antennas are tuned to completely different frequencies.

As a quick test I am able to receive corrections via a LORA antenna from a 2 watt UHF signal in a building 10m away. If I moved any further simply using LORA would work better.

Just get the VHF antenna, it’s the right tool for the job and they work well.


okay. For that one we can buy emlid uhf antenna right?? Also do you have any other suggestions

Hi Sangeeth,

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The Emlid LoRa antennas can only work with other LoRa antennas as we use a specific protocol. You can read more about the LoRa configuration on Reach devices here.

If you’re going to work with a third-party UHF radio, you will need to meet some requirements from the radio: it will need to work with 410-470 MHz frequency, work with TRIMTALK450S protocol, and send corrections in RTCM3 format. The RS3 can only work as a rover. Using a Reach cable, you can also connect the 3rd party radio through the external bottom connector. We offer the UHF antenna on our website.

We’ve collected some tips on how to work with a UHF radio with your Reach RS3. Please go through this support tip to learn more.


Are you able to give us some more detail on what you are considering? That would make it easier to give more suggestions.