RS3 problems changing from mifi to hotspot

New RS 3 was connected via mifi to phone. Wanted to change connection to phone hotspot for field. Now I can’t connect to it no matter what I try. Can’t find on home wifi, can’t find on portable mifi, can’t find on my phone hot spot. I can’t reset it. What do I do?

Hi Maria,

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Do I understand correctly that your Reach RS3 and your mobile phone are on the same network - MiFi, mobile hotspot or home network - and you don’t see the receiver in Emlid Flow in either case?

What is the network LED indication on the receiver?

Here’s what happened:
The Reach RS3 and my phone (with Emlid Flow app) were on a mobile private wifi together, and they could “see/find” each other.
I wanted to try to have the Reach RS3 use my phone’s mobile hot spot, instead of having to bring the portable wifi hotspot to the field.
It was when I was trying to have the Reach RS3 find the phone’s hot spot that I got into trouble. I must have goofed up whatever order of the steps I needed to accomplish. The Reach RS3 could not find the phone’s hot spot, and the phone app couldn’t find the Reach RS3 anymore. Then I tried changing it back to the Reach RS3 and the phone using the previous private mobile wifi. The Reach RS3 refused to find it or connect with it.

I panicked.

I saw the community forum and started to read if anyone goofed up like this. I could not find any issue like mine, but there was someone having a different type issue with connecting the receiver and the Emlid Flow phone app. One of the suggestions give to that person was to go out to an area, away from any possible wifi signals, and restart the connection process from the beginning. Then they could delete any strange wifi’s that might be blocking the Reach.

So, in desperation, that is what I did yesterday. I drove out to an area where I know there would be no wifi signals and followed the steps to try to connect back with the Reach RS3. After the Battery LEDs where solid, then the WiFi LED turned blue and blinked. I waited and it eventually turned white, then I went on my settings on my phone to find it and reconnect to the Reach network with the password “emlidreach” again. It worked. I was able to remove the strange network and just have the previous portable wifi network.

So, I used the portable wifi to keep the phone app and the receiver “talking” to each other while I took a few shots in the area to test out my connection to the NTRIP and CORS system in my area.

I would still like to figure out how to connect the Reach RS3 to my phone’s hot spot. I have 2 receivers. It was my intent to use them both as Rovers, with two phones using the phone’s hot spots. I only have 1 portable wifi and the receivers would have to stay within close proximity to it, which is not practical out in the field.

So, if you have any suggestions of where to look for the step by step instructions on how to connect the Reach RS3 to a phone’s mobile hotspot, I would appreciate it.

Hi Maria,

I see. Thanks for sharing all the details!

First, I’ve attached the guide from our docs on how to connect Reach RS3 to a mobile hotspot.

I also recommend this Support tip, which provides some thoughts about what to pay attention to on Android or iOS devices.

Feel free to share your further experiences!