RS3 not connecting or getting position in ESRI Fieldmaps and/or Fieldgenius


Can someone help me get the RS3 connected with ESRI Fieldmaps and Fieldgenius Android? I don’t have this problem with the RS2 or the RS2+. My position stream is NMEA Bluetooth at 1hz on all of the settings. Perhaps the RS3 is so new, that these apps haven’t updated they software so they connect to it?

Any feedback or workaround would be great.

Hi @avelez,

The integration concept doesn’t vary from Reach RS2 or Reach RS2+. In both cases, the unit is added as an external instrument/provider via Bluetooth and sends its position over NMEA. There’s no need to update the software to integrate with the device this way.

Can you please share the screenshots of what the issue looks like? If you don’t want to share this publicly, you can do it privately via PM or

Tried again this morning, and it did connect to Fieldgenius and Fieldmaps. with bluetooth. Not sure what happened on the first try. Same profile as the RS2+.
But another question is raised:

  1. RS3 only has 5 and 10 GHZ update rates. Is there a way to get 1 Ghz? Staking out is going to be too fast to see the numbers and differences.
  2. The tilt compensation is only for collecting points? I can’t stake out with tilt. Specifically lines? Also, it seems that if I use fieldgenius and or fieldmaps, tilt compensation won’t work. We do a lot of as-builts using fieldmaps. We do thousands of feet in lines and having that tilt would be good for challenging terrains. Similarly, with Fieldgenius, there’s no tilt compensation and we use FG for surface stakeout.

Hi @avelez,

Reach RS3 doesn’t have the 1 Hz update rate because the tilt compensation requires at least 5 Hz for proper operation.

You can also stake out points with the tilt compensation. The thing is that the tilt compensation only works in Emlid Flow.

Support of the tilt compensation in FieldGenuis is in our roadmap, and we’re working with them on this implementation.

There are no specific plans for the FieldMaps because it also requires the support of our tilt-compensated NMEA message from their side.


Can you specify the Roadmap a bit clearer. We’re working with Qfield and connected our Reach’es over TCP-NMEA. Is the tilt compensation possible with a setup like this in the near future?

When you have it in the flow app it would be an easy thing to provide the tilt position from there over tcp for other apps?

I’ve tested your competitor in a equal price range (Happy mini q) there it’s smooth…

Regards Till

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But it’s much more cost for some reason?

Hi Till,

Welcome to our community!

We’re open to integrations and created an additional NMEA message for that. But this also requires the support of this message from the app side.

It looks like this device is tailored for QField, so this is expected.

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Probably because of the increased Channels and Bands received. GPS L5, GALILEO E6, BEIDOU B3.
Also it looks like it comes from Switzerland, so I would expect that plays into the cost factor also. They had in addition to the base price included € 306.08 in taxes, plus there would be the shipping fee.

SHIPPING 2-5 days from Switzerland


L1 – L2

Till 60°

E1 – E5 – E6

L1 – L2 – L5

B1 – B2 – B3

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Super, is it documented somewhere? Qfield is opensource, so it would be possible to get it there… we were there allready with the nmea integration.

Regards Till

Hi Till,

We don’t have the prepared doc to be published yet. If they’re open to integrating, let them contact us at their convenience.

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Hi Till,

The document for developers is already available in our docs.