RS3 jumping between Fixed and Single non stop


Our RS3 works fine near everywhere save for one single location.

At this location the unit jumps between Fixed and Single about every 2-3 seconds.
It doesn’t matter the day, the time, I’ve been there once per week for the last 4 weeks and it does it every time.

It’s in the wide open, no cover, no multipath

We are using an NTRIP for corrections, there is no issue getting corrections.

Our other Carlson unit has no issues at this site.
Any ideas?


Are there High Voltage power lines above or nearby? or any other type of Electromagnetic interference? (EMF/RFI)

What’s the coords of this location?

It does the same whether tilt is enabled or disabled.

No HV lines nearby.


I also asked our client who runs Trimble units on the site and they never have issues. (Neither did we have issues with our Carlson unit)

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Very odd.

Hopefully Emlid can help.

To get a head start, you might want to email the full system report.


Could it be a cell reception issue? When I check the towers map, the closest one is almost 5km away. It’s a Rogers tower. The closest Bell tower is like 8km away. Since it’s a gravel pit, maybe you’re too far below and get poor reception. Is the SIM card in the RS3 or in your phone? Might be worth a try to use the phone’s receiver instead of the Reach’s.


We thought of that as well so the last couple times we brought a Starlink out to try, still the same issues.

I’ve emailed Emlid with a pile of system reports.

Will follow up here once I get an an answer form them.

It was even worse today.


Searched some other posts about the mystery… just dead ends. You can search also to see if any other clues to help.

Might be extra-terrestrial interference :alien: :crazy_face:

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I had a similar intermittent issue with my Mavic 3 Enterprise drone where RTK was connecting and disconnecting.

It turned out that on occasion when I alternated between drones (on hot days to allow cooling between flights) I hadn’t powered down the other drone and they were both connecting to the base via NTRIP with the same account which only supports one connection.

Not sure how or if this translates to the RS3, but thought I would share it as another option to consider.

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It’s a shame I won’t go in Gatineau before Christmas. I’d have dropped by on the way after stopping for gas at Herb’s with my own units to see if it does the same thing.

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Hi, we are experiencing this issue but only with iOS devices. What are you using?

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We are using Android devices, Juniper CT8x2 tablets to be specific.


We’ll still be working on site in the New Year. Drop me a message if you’re going to be in the area and we can arrange for you to swing by.

I’ve been in contact with Emlid and I’m going to send them full logs next week and some other info. The regular logs show that everything is OK so they are also stumped with what’s happening.

I’ve taken my units elsewhere yesterday and they work perfectly. It’s so weird.

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What if you set your Elevation Mask Angle higher than typical 15 if down in a hole? I.e. 20+

Try adjusting higher SNR?

Toggle QZSS off to see if that helps since that constellation isn’t too ideal from your region?

Incorrect RTCM3 message settings?

Screen shot settings in case to return to those settings and/or to compare.

Photos of surroundings from that point etc?

What material are they mining? Are you directly adjacent to a large stockpile?

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I think I’ve figured it out. Kinda…

I’m using TopnetLive for NTRIP.

The site I’m at is almost exactly in the dead center of 3 of their Ref stations which are all far away since I am rural. Emlid Flow seems like it doesn’t know which one to choose or Topnet doesn’t know which one to assign to me.

I’ve connected to a unreliable, free RTK station that is very close. I’d never use their corrections for survey but just for testing and it stays FIX all the time.

Switching back to Topnet and the problem persists.

When we use the same service with Carlson their software seems to pick a station and stick with it.8