RS2 with iPhone and NTRIP connection issue

I have the RS2 and an iPhone. If I am at home I can connect the RS2 to the home wifi and then the iPhone app to the same wifi and the RS2 connects to the NTRIP service fine.

When I am in the field I can connect the iPhone app and the RS2 but can not connect to the NTRIP.

I read the documents a bunch of times and there are all sorts of iPhone options to follow but I am starting to think there is more to this story.

My iPhone says it doesn’t support the RS2 blue tooth device. So if I install a sim card into the RS2 will I then be able to use the iPhone with the RS2 or will I need to get an Android phone as well. Or if I just get an Android phone and no sim card for the RS2 will that work? And if I need a sim card I get the impression from some posts that a special sim card is needed such as a 3G or something. The docs just say put a nano in there. I need a special type of nano?

Also, if this is the case, the documentation does not state that anywhere I can find…


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