RS2 with a phone and only source of internet data is phone 4g lte


Is there a way to connect and control the RS2 unit other than with wifi so that I can turn my wifi off and use my 4g lte data from my phone to receive the RTK corrections from the base?

It looks like Reach can allow BT and I can connect to BT but it does not control the GNSS when the wifi is off (and I regain data). I also tried fieldgenius (I have a license) for Android but I cannot get it to work as I am getting an error when I connect to the the bluetooth (during the testing communication test). I have not tried from a PC (but that adds one more device).

The way I have it working right now is with two devices: my cell phone with hotspot enabled, my PC, tablet, other phone etc. connected to my cell phone hot spot and reach connected to my cell phone hotspot. (This is a bit more complicated for me because my cell phone allows one device connected to my hotspot… so, I use a travel router with a 15dbi panel antenna… and powerbank… Yeah, quite a rig.

Another question would be how much data the RTK correction requires? I could get a 200mb sim card (per month) for $5.

PS. I am in the USA, sunshine state.


Hi @hydrocynus,

We recently introduced the BLE feature that allows you to connect to Reach using Bluetooth on your phone. At the moment, it’s in Beta. But you may try this out if you don’t plan to do any significant work with the receiver. Please check this topic for more info.

Reach should work with Microsurvey FieldGenius. Have you tried following the configuration steps from our guide?

I can’t say the exact number, but the RTCM3 messages are lightweight. I took a random log on my computer from CORS and its size is 2.1 MB. It was recorded for 2 hours.

This is of interest, now that 3g is essentially gone in the USA.

I just confirmed that it is possible to set up a hotspot on my phone, connect the RS2 to that for NTRIP (CORS) corrections; and then get BT position output. This doesn’t allow use of the Reachview app (that I can figure out), but you could use any number of other apps for collecting survey data.

Don’t have it handy right now, but there is definitely info out there on NTRIP data usage per hour. It’s pretty minimal. My SIM usage seems to be something like 10-20mb for a project day.

Hello all, yeah I really wished emlid used a 4g modem as now the 3g is obsolete and 2g is rarely offered.
I was able to make it work and posted on the Facebook forum. For this, I use the stick emlid reach 3 ( no beta needed). I have the hot spot on my phone and also the Bluetooth that shares the Internet. You need to first connect via WiFi to rs2, then turn on it’s bt. Then connect to the rs2 bt. Then, turn your hotspot on, also share Internet via bt. Tell rs2 to connect to your WiFi. And voila, you have it. Took me a while but it works on my Samsung 9 running stick android 11 and in my pixel 4a running android 12.

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