RS2+ vs RS3

I just got the RS2+ base and rover and the next day the RS3 shows up with the UHF radio I want to know how much better and what conditions will i need the UHF signal?
Thank you

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The RS3 can only receive the uhf signal from a different manufacturers base or from and external radio attached to your Emlid base


You prob only need the RS2+ for the BASE, but I’d exchange the ROVER for the RS3 for a little more! Or just make both the RS3 in case you need tilt, UHF for both in the future.


Hi @geotopoagro,

If you already have 2 RS2+, I’d pair them up over LoRa. In this case, the baseline can reach up to 8 km but is dependent on obstacles and can decrease in densely vegetated areas. We have a support tip on how to configure LoRa on Reaches well.

As David said, UHF radio is made to work with RS3 as a rover and a 3rd-party base. The baseline and the conditions will depend on the power of the base radio.

As Tim mentioned, you may consider using the RS3 as a rover with your Reach RS2+ base due to its tilt compensation feature.