RS2+ Vertical Discrepancy

I’m working on stakeouts and benchmarks for a GC job. I set up my base on the same known location as the surveyor, and have double-checked the lat/lon and elevation. I also triple-checked my antenna height input when I set up the base and rover. All are correct. However, when I check my readings against the surveyor’s readings, I’m consistently between .60 and .62 feet higher. The only “unknown” I can find is when imputing the known coordinates and height in the base, the entry field says “ellipsoidal height, m.” I assumed this is the same as the known height, but it wants meters instead of feet. I multiplied my known height in feet by .3048 and input that number. My main question would be, am I imputing the correct number/data for height? If so, what else could I be missing?

Thanks in advance for your help!

It would be a good idea to provide all survey details the surveyor provided for better help. Region?

They probably provided the coordinates in State Plane with Orthometric height using a GEOID? Or did they just provide lat long and ellipsoid height?

Your project coordinate system and if using a GEOID must match.

I did verify with the surveyor that we were using the same coordinate system and GEOID.

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It looks like there is somehow an issue with the improper vertical datum. I have a possible workaround that could be a solution. Could you please create a project coordinate system and the vertical datum of your base coordinates and your base coordinates there manually for a point? After that, you can choose that point to serve as your base point, and the app will perform the conversion. Here, you can find our support tip with the necessary steps.