RS2+ Vertical Discrepancy

I’m working on stakeouts and benchmarks for a GC job. I set up my base on the same known location as the surveyor, and have double-checked the lat/lon and elevation. I also triple-checked my antenna height input when I set up the base and rover. All are correct. However, when I check my readings against the surveyor’s readings, I’m consistently between .60 and .62 feet higher. The only “unknown” I can find is when imputing the known coordinates and height in the base, the entry field says “ellipsoidal height, m.” I assumed this is the same as the known height, but it wants meters instead of feet. I multiplied my known height in feet by .3048 and input that number. My main question would be, am I imputing the correct number/data for height? If so, what else could I be missing?

Thanks in advance for your help!

It would be a good idea to provide all survey details the surveyor provided for better help. Region?

They probably provided the coordinates in State Plane with Orthometric height using a GEOID? Or did they just provide lat long and ellipsoid height?

Your project coordinate system and if using a GEOID must match.

I did verify with the surveyor that we were using the same coordinate system and GEOID.