RS2 Survey Kit carrying case

Just thought I would share my thoughts on the new carrying cases as the new units are smaller then thr RS unit , It would be nice to fit the survey kits into one carrying case . They both fit into the previous case which is nice to handle only one case instead of 2 . Just my thoughts . Thanks. :smile:


They prob need to develop 1 that is slightly larger to include the foam so no damage during, travel, shipping, airlines etc.

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True, and room for a Mesa2 :smile: . but then you could get your own from Pelican .

Hi @davehofer1993,

Nice solution :smile:

Overall, thanks for sharing your thoughts! We’ll think about it.

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Agree, As soon as i ordered back in april i asked them to start work on a single dual-receiver case as an optional accessory.

It will grow in demand as more mappers and surveyors discover, buy and begin to use this gear.


I have been ordering these for our GPS kits and they have enough room to hold a base, rover, data collector, extra batteries and various cables. It has the french fry foam so you can configure it however you like.


I’m thinking on the practical side. The RS2 is round, so the case should be round:

Why not let it be insulated and also carry your cool beverages of choice?

*plus a convenient shoulder strap! Who could ask for more?!?!?

And remember kids: “Hydration is the key to good health!”


:smile: so it can hold about 5 of them ?

:wink: you get the idea

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Room for lots more.


Looking good! :grin: and roomy too. You might be able to fit a tribrach and a short 5/8" extension in there too.

Does the “AIR” signify it is good as an airline carry-on or checked luggage, or does it refer to light weight, etc.?

“Fly pelican, fly!”

Air for light weight and airline ready. I will add some extensions and magnetic bases and small stuff cables etc.


Reworked it a bit


I can recommend using the full height of the case for the antennas (vertical), rs+ (LED side up) and the rs2 (top up, redundant to use the inlays from the original cases, plenty of protection from the peli foam). That way you can fit many more items in there :smiley:

Also, have the items in the foam pretrude 1-2 cm over the foam, so you better grab them.


I am pretty sure there are custom foam inserts that can be purchased online. Any design you want. I may just go this route.

All I really need is a little more room for a few USB wall chargers, accessory serial cables, data collector…

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