RS2 stuck in loading

My name is Javy, I just got two new unit and did the first step. I went out and when I came back and turned the unit on…its flashing lights (loading) just won’t stop. Cannot connect to app. What was the fix for this problem??

Hi Javy, we both had success using a computer to reflash the firmware back on to the unit.


Here is a weblink. You’ll need to download the software and hook up the units to the computer via usb, but it’s pretty simple if you follow the instructions here:

thanks a lot…thank you for the information!

Hi Javier,

Did the reflashing of the unit help you? It’d be great if you could share the serial number of the device with me in PM as well. You can find it by scanning the QR-code under the SIM card slot cover.

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Just an update, did two different field visits today and all is functioning correctly now.

I downloaded the PC app to connect with the Emlid GNSS unit. I tried to connect but was not successful. It can not find the unit, the unit just keeps loading. Lights flashing and the WiFi light is blue inside my house…it is connected to my home WiFi.


Check the instructions on the flashing page carefully-to flash it you have to plug the unit into the computer via USB, so a wired connection. Good luck!

Hi Javier,

I agree with Jon. Please double-check that you’re following the instructions step-by-step. The most important thing is to let the unit blink all LEDs simultaneously before it starts flashing them all again.

In case it doesn’t help you, please, check another USB cable and another USB port.

Keep us posted on your progress.

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Hello Polina:

I was able to reflash the units, all good :+1:

Thanks for reaching out and for your time and
williness to help.

This is a great place to find help and information.

Thanks again, have a great day!

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Thanks for the update! Great to know your units are working as expected!