RS2 is stuck in loading when SIM is inserted

Our base RS2 has a sim in it, occasionally (maybe every five or six boots) it gets stuck in the boot loop, however removing the sim it will boot normally. Never had an issue with no sim, it always boots normally.

Hi Rory,

Is it a new SIM card or the one you had used before this issue appeared? Does the same behavior repeat when another SIM card is inserted?

Same SIM, I think it started after a dev update but can’t remember which one! I’m going to move from the dev builds to the stable mainstream firmware now that 27 is out.

Hi Rory,

Ok, thanks for the update!

In case the issue appears in the latest stable, please let me know. We’ll investigate it further.

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Hi, the issue still persists, the base unit restarted twice today, the second time it was just the boot led light sequence with no attempt to connect to wifi or hotspot. I removed the sim while it was doing this and it quickly started to boot normally. The unit is on 27 mainstream firmware. I have downloaded a full system dump but won’t be able to send it until tomorrow. What I have noticed is it seems to do it where there is marginal 3G cell coverage connecting and disconnecting from the mobile network. If it has a strong mobile signal it doesn’t seem to happen (although it may be coincidental). This morning I was working in an area with a strong signal and it didn’t reboot at all, at the second marker this afternoon the signal was coming and going (same on my phone). and it rebooted twice.

I may try the sim in our third unit and see if the same thing happens, at least that way it would narrow it down to the sim.

Hi Rory,

This behavior looks rather strange. Taking a look at the Full system report might help us in understanding what’s going on. Please share the report via whenever it’s convenient for you. I’ll take your ticket.

Yes, it can be useful to check this too. Even though it seems now that it’s not related to the particular SIM card, it’s better to see how the other units work with it.

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I’ve sent the full system report and marked it for your attention. I’m going to a site tomorrow with poor network coverage, I’m not surveying but I’ll set the base up with the sim in it and see what happens. FYI I was surveying from 06:00 to 10:30 this morning without the sim in the base and had no issues.


Thanks! I’ve received your report.

I’m currently checking what we can do about it. I’ll let you know as soon as there is any news.

I just wanted to give an update here: we’ve received the reports from the receivers and are trying to figure out what isn’t right here. We’re going to continue the troubleshooting in the direct support ticket as it may require some other sensitive details as well.

If you stumbled upon this topic because you faced a similar issue, please let us know about it via