RS2 Static Accuracy

Hi all. I think this has been asked before but I haven’t seen any results posted here. Does anyone have absolute accuracy testing results for static survey done using the RS2? Would love to get some feedback on this.

Was also hoping that we could get some updates from the team on the progress of antenna calibration.

Aaron, here’s a PP point on a known NGS station using M2 data with the helical antenna Emlid sells. I posted this a while back.

I got some additional data last night dodging thunder storms, 1 hour observation, antenna height 2.000m (Harxon GPS 500 antenna), GPS/GLONASS rinex data, also UBX raw file. If I have time today I’ll try and PP with CHCNAV software. (2.7 MB) (3.5 MB)

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I tested an RS2 against three NGS survey marks (2+ hr occupations @ 1 sec. int.) using precise static post-processing in RTKLIB (precise antenna coords, correction obs, and IGS ‘rapid’ orbit solution obtained via UFCORS).



Thanks for the feedback @MapScience @EBE111057

Do you or anyone happen to have any reports with geodetic network adjustment?

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Sorry, I do not.

The final coords in the report I listed above are adjusted by least squares, it doesn’t provide any details other than what’s shown.

Hi @aaron.tan,

Regarding the antenna calibration details, I’m afraid I can’t say any specific for now. We’re still in the process of getting the details. It also delays due to current pandemic circumstances. We’ll get back once there is any news.

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