RS2 Standalone accuracy

I am looking for the spec on a standalone RS2 performance without any corrections such as static post process, ppk, ppp.

I saw this post but that’s not the same thing:



In general


And that’s dual-frequency ?

To respond very quickly, L1, L2 and L5 are used for calculations to obtain centimeter precision but just with real-time correction or post-processing with observations coming from others single or multi-frequency receivers or by PPP method (Precise Point Positioning) using online GPS Processing Services.


Multi-frequency only provides a gain when correcting the rover with a base.
If you don’t, the RS2 is simply a very nice antenna-package with accuracies mentioned by @Zinou


Appreciate the quick replies.

Dual freq is still “uncorrected” data.

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to add that Reach RS2 doesn’t work with SBAS or WAAS corrections. So in a standalone mode, the accuracy is indeed at a few-meters level. To obtain centimeter-level accuracy, you need to work in RTK or PPK.

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