RS2 stakeout no found

The staking function is not working! it would be good to review it, give values ​​0.000

Do you have a point selected to stake out?


Is it a collected point or a imported one?


try using a browser like chrome see if that does anything

Acually just tried myself and same thing here

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It works well for my RS +.

must be this last update 2.20.6

2.20.6 (629.0 KB)

@davehofer1993 Today did some tests and from the browser it also gives error

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Yup my test were with browser also

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Do you have trouble charging the battery? It does not charge 100%, I have two USB chargers 5 v 2 amper and the last LED is still blinking 18 hours ago.

As of now my base is still blinking after about 22 hours ,but most of the time it gets full as my second unit is full

I stay calm, I wait for it to get full

after 22 hours

Check the charge status and you are

in 19 hours 90%

I use this charger.