RS2 rover - ntrip - not fix

I have just recieved un RS2, i utilize it like rover and NTRIP correction. All seem to be correct,
bat no fixed recieved. the receiver see many signals (GPS, GNSS, Galileo …). My ntrip provider only
send GPS and GNNS correction. But only reciever have satellite visible, the Reference Base not
Same one help me!!
here i’ve linked setting, log e system repot.

Sadly all your reference-files on Dropbox are shortcuts. Can you upload the real files?

my reseller in italy, contacted for the problem, say me that the problem was the

ntrip provider. I have changed the tipology of mount-point, but now i have to attend

for the provider to send me new log-in.

i search in the log file of the receiver and send

symple report.pdf (58.7 KB) (479.8 KB) (249.0 KB)

here the real file.

and ublox file is here

thak you for your rapid replay.

That’s the LLH file :smiley:

sorry, that’s the correct file


Thanks! I can’t seem to convert the RCTM-file from the NTRIP, your reseller looks to be correct.
Can you post a screenshot from the corrections menu in Reachview, when the unit is receiving corrections?

i try, thanks

I can’t post screenshot from te connections menu because i’m waiting for new log-in from the provider and the old mount point is disabled.
I remember the screen and i’m sure the received NMEA message.
in the status screen i see only bar for satellite visible from receiver but no satellite visible from base.
the message in the connections screen was of the type: (1003) and other.
i know the provider transmit only gps and glonass correction and so I expected to see grey bar for the GPS and GLONASS satellite, but no one grey bar appear.

Please report back when you got the new login, then we can take it from there.

thank you very much!!

Hi Santi,

What’s your NTRIP provider?

hexagone geosystems, HXGN smartnet.
to begin, i try with Nearest Unlimited Services: Correction GNSS in (RTCM) standard format.
2 correction provided GPS, GLONASS
Now i attend to migrate to NRTK FULL GNSS Unlimited Services
with 4 corrections GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU
and RTK nearest or VRS.
I think that with the first service, i have to see the gray bar only for GPS and Glonass?
i don’t understand why not.


With some NTRIP services, ReachView doesn’t show grey bars (SNR level of satellites observed by base station) because caster doesn’t pass this info. This doesn’t mean corrections are not applied.

As far as I know, Hexagon network in Italy is the case.

I’d suggest going outside, connect to the caster once again and give it 1 minute. Then check if baseline and solution status are changing

Ok, i think this is correct. When i going outside, i get some fix even with only GPS and Glonass
Now i must attend for new log-in password for the new Service, so i don’t test it again.
I will post the next session.
thank you. (143.8 KB) (249.0 KB)

here the log file for the session outside when i get fix.
can you verify if there is real fix even without grey bar.
in the screenshot of reach view the base show 0 visible satellites.

That’s all ok. i have received new log-in for new Ntrip Services: Full GNSS nearest and NET RTK

Rover >30 Visible Satellites; Base 27 Visible Satellite; Base Line 30 Km

fast fix and grey bar for all constellation!!!

tomorrow, i make my first job with RS2

thank you for your help!!!

I share with you the next log. sorry fo rmy bad english!


I will continue to read your blog and enrich my experience.

Thank you again.


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