RS2 rover - ntrip - not fix

Hi, here my connection log,, commercial Ntrip provider. I have fix and i see grey bar for

only GPS and Glonass. mount type I-MAX3 RDN.

Detailed Connection Log.pdf (288.9 KB)

From the LOG I see that when connecting the base try to send corrections from net of base,

with more precision, but my Rover was out of the net so the connections return to symple

nearest station. The reach work olso but i work only with GPS and GLONASS.

the Lipari Reference ins’nt in the net process. I have try to connect with this BASE but the

correction i received don’t show grey bar in the reachview.

from the above screenshot i see the lipari station is a Leica GRX1200 reciever and Patti is a Leica

GR30 GNSS Reference Server.

The next job i try another mount point from my ntrip provider. I remember to see grey bar even

with Galileio and BaiDou but i dont have connection log

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