RS2+ rinex file corrupted

I’m having problems with my new RS2+. It happened to me two times that I download the rinex file and it’s appeared to be corrupted. I have tried to download it in a different PC and still won’t work.
What can cause this? We had to fly the whole project a second time.

download rinex link

Hi @DroneMasterColombia,

Let’s figure out why there’s an issue with your file.

I have no access to the file in Google Drive, can you send it over to us via

Please also let us know if you’re experiencing any errors in the Emlid Flow application when downloading logs.

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Hi Olesia, thanks for your reply.
Can you try to download the file again please.

Thanks again,


Thanks for the logs. I managed to unzip your zip file, and only one log appeared (23O observation file). Here’s a link to it. We’d like to understand why your files got corrupted.

Can you send the Full System report privately to Since it contains sensitive information, we don’t recommend posting it on the forum.

Thank you for the report @DroneMasterColombia!

We will continue our investigation over email.