Error when downloading logs

Good morning! Or whenever it is for you .

I have something a little close to this as well. I was logging for 4 hours yesterday using only GPS satellites at 5hz, and when I attempt to download my log it gives me,
" message": Failed to download log
file /home/root/logs/Reach-
“Reason”" “server_error”,
“type”: “logger_error”

Using firmware 31.3

Its not the end of the world if its gone, but, i am just wanting to know how to avoid it in the future.

I stopped logging and then turned the unit off, but maybe i didnt give it enough time? It does work with a simple log file I just made. Perhaps I should of downloaded the log before I shut it off.

Hi @gismoron,

Let’s check your issue!

Please send me the Full System report from your Reach to We will check it with our development team.

Buen día, a mi me sucedió lo mismo, al intentar descargar un registro solo me manda ese mismo mensaje de error.

Hi Raulg,

We got your report. I’ll answer you via email to keep everything in one place.

Got the same problem
“message”: “Failed to download log file /home/root/logs/”,
“reason”: “server_error”,
“type”: “logger_error”

Hi Alex,

Welcome to the forum!

I’ve looked into the logs you send to us. It looks like the device was shut down right at the finish of the compression progress, which caused this error.

We have prepared an update (32 Beta version 1), and in this version, the compression should be finished correctly even if the device is shutting down at the same time. Ultimately, this will be part of the stable version as well.

My suggestion is to perform the survey again and check the Logging tab to see if your logs are completely compressed and saved on your Reach after you stop logging.

Well, I haven’t received that message again. I do know I was under a transmission line. There is a greater than zero chance the guy who stopped the receiver just powered it off while it was still logging.

Thank you so much, I was filling out a response when I got notified of your post. I suspected as much once I found out that it was shut off and the logging wasnt stopped in my case.


Thanks for the update! I’ll update this thread once our stable version with the fix is out.