Error when downloading logs

Good morning! Or whenever it is for you .

I have something a little close to this as well. I was logging for 4 hours yesterday using only GPS satellites at 5hz, and when I attempt to download my log it gives me,
" message": Failed to download log
file /home/root/logs/Reach-
“Reason”" “server_error”,
“type”: “logger_error”

Using firmware 31.3

Its not the end of the world if its gone, but, i am just wanting to know how to avoid it in the future.

I stopped logging and then turned the unit off, but maybe i didnt give it enough time? It does work with a simple log file I just made. Perhaps I should of downloaded the log before I shut it off.

Hi @gismoron,

Let’s check your issue!

Please send me the Full System report from your Reach to We will check it with our development team.