[RS2] ReachView v2.20.8

I click “Check for update”, and it does not update

Hey everyone,

Thanks for the feedback. In the meantime, we are looking into this issue.

However, the fastest way to get the latest update for those who can’t see it is to reflash your Reach RS2 using our new flasher:

Note! This update only works for RS2!



after reflashing firmware and update to 2.20.6 our app ist running with GST message and
automatic leveling with electronic bubble.


Hello, what software do you use?

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Yes, what is that software? Electronic bubble… and tilt compensation???

Has anyone tested FieldGenius if electronic bubble works?

Does the RS/RS+ (or ReachView for them) have GST messages capability?

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The firmware image in docs is still at 2.20.5 http://files.emlid.com/images/reach-rs2-v2.20.5.zip

Still not avaible when

  1. flash to firmwareupdate 2.20.5
    ( [https://docs.emlid.com/reachrs2/common/reachview/firmware-reflashing/ )

  2. Then update to 2.20.6 is visibile

good luck…

así lo he hecho yo. tampoco encontraba la v 2.20.6. tenia instalada la v 2.20.5 y actulice como dice

Ok this works , but I did not intend to lose all my stuff :disappointed:

Wow, this must be the best update thus far. The GUI and general startup time is much reduced. Well done.


Can ReachView be set to display feet/inches instead of meters?

Nope and no idea when.

Among other things, it needs Survey Feet and International Feet.

Once/if they ever incorporate coordinate systems, they would have to.

You can use third party software, apps to get this though.

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Thanks for the quick reply! I’m using FieldGenius and have it set to Survey Feet but I would like to be able to stake at times with the RV app and not be confused.

Just use FieldGenius to stake out and keep everything consistent when working entirely in FG.

Just use ReachView for setup etc.

But yes, the ReachView Stakeout is super simple. Would be nice if other units available. But hey its developed in Russia, so meter it is for now. :wink:

The rest of the world (I assume you may be in USA) also uses metric system and insists it is superior (and easier which it is), but the US, the imperial system will never change as it has been in place for so long and so many of our records also. But we have the choice of whichever units to use anyways for other things, so it’s no big deal.

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where and How do I get the reach reach-rs2-v2. 20.6.img file .

I went to the reach firmware download page and only
the rs2-v2.18.1.img is listed.

I have the new flasher but need the rs2-v2. 20.6.img file.

I also faced the same issue. You can simply rename the downloadlink for the zip-file from .5 to .6.

Also be aware that this updates resets everything (!), including raw logs, naming, won configurations, contrary to previous updates.

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Stakeout point collected, no found

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