[RS2] ReachView v2.20.8

Hello everyone,

We’ve just pushed ReachView v2.20.6 for Reach RS2.


  • Loading performance of ReachView is improved.
  • GST message is added to NMEA output. Accuracy information is now transmitted to external software.
  • GGA message in NMEA output now shows the correct number of satellites.

Bug fixes

  • RINEX file recorded on board of Reach now contains all observations. Previously you could only record L1 observations.
  • Baseline length is no longer displayed after NTRIP connection drops.

Let us know how the new update performs!

Emlid team

Update from 19.08.2019

Fixes in v2.20.7

  • Stake-out misbehaviour fixed

Update from 08.11.2019
Fixes in v2.20.8.

  • Added a disclaimer about further upgrades for original Reach and Reach RS

Awesome stuff! Will boot up FieldGenius later tonight!


Hello dmitriy, I’m trying to update and it doesn’t seem to be available yet.Thank you

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I click “Check for update”, and it does not update

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Same here

what if you enter :5000 after the i.p. address?

Awesome work with the GST message! Thanks a lot!

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How to use this GST message?

If your Output device (such as a data-collector) supports the message, it will display its information.

I click “Check for update”, and it does not update

Hey everyone,

Thanks for the feedback. In the meantime, we are looking into this issue.

However, the fastest way to get the latest update for those who can’t see it is to reflash your Reach RS2 using our new flasher:

Note! This update only works for RS2!



after reflashing firmware and update to 2.20.6 our app ist running with GST message and
automatic leveling with electronic bubble.


Hello, what software do you use?

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Yes, what is that software? Electronic bubble… and tilt compensation???

Has anyone tested FieldGenius if electronic bubble works?

Does the RS/RS+ (or ReachView for them) have GST messages capability?

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The firmware image in docs is still at 2.20.5 http://files.emlid.com/images/reach-rs2-v2.20.5.zip

Still not avaible when

  1. flash to firmwareupdate 2.20.5
    ( [https://docs.emlid.com/reachrs2/common/reachview/firmware-reflashing/ )

  2. Then update to 2.20.6 is visibile

good luck…

así lo he hecho yo. tampoco encontraba la v 2.20.6. tenia instalada la v 2.20.5 y actulice como dice