NMEA messages (GST and VTG)

I would like to try out the new NMEA messages types.

I have updated Reach RS to v2.6.0.

I only see the standard message types (GSA, GSV, RMC and GGA). I do not see the new types (GST and VTG).

How to I enable the new message types?

Regards, Ben

I have also tried with ReachView v2.7.0. I still don’t see GST and VTG messages.

Quote @egor.fedorov from another thread. Not sure it still applies but will know soon enough
The new messages are GST and VTG. They contain velocity and accuracy information, like sigma errors. The improvement should be visible in the point collection software, first and foremost.

Guys, due to an error on my part, these messages have not been released yet, but will be available in the coming update next week.

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