RS2 issues with the Wi-Fi connection

I have similar problem with RS2 dropping form WiFi. Cannot connect with RV3 or Reach Panel on iOS, Android, or Windows connected to the same network. I have had the problem on three WiFi networks and on iphone mobile hot spot. It. MAC address for the RS2 shows up in a network scan (arp -a and Fing) and WiFi indicator on the RS2 remains blue, but cannot connect to the device in RV3, or Reach panel. The only way I can ‘reset’ the unit to hot spot mode is to: (1) physically move it beyond range of the WiFi network or (2) turn off/disable the network (not always possible). Is there no function to force the RS2 back into hot spot mode to reestablish communication?

Hi Colin,

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If I understood correctly, you could connect to the Reach in a hotspot mode. Do I get it right that it’s possible to find Reach in the list of available Wi-Fi networks on your device?

There’s no function to force unit back into hotspot mode, but the described behavior is not typical for RS2. At this stage, I’d ask you to ensure that you work with the latest Reach Firmware 27 and ReachView 3 6.5 versions.

If you worked with the older versions, please update your app and unit and check how it works. The latest updates contain lots of important fixes that might solve this connection issue.

If you work with the latest versions, but the issue persists, please contact us at with the Serial number of your unit. You need to scan a QR-code under the SIM card slot cover to find it.

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