RS2 GPS antenna

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We’re in process of getting antenna details for now. We’ll inform you once it’s available :slightly_smiling_face:


@tatiana.andreeva Hi Tatiana, thanks for answering :grinning:

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Luis, what offset values are you guys using for the RS2? (offset, phase center, etc). I saw where Tatiana said they are working on NGS calibration which will be nice. But looking for values to use until then.

Hi Tim ! They haven’t answered my question yet, I use the 134 mm phase center




The general drawing also has a note there also:

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May I know what do you enter in RTKLib Antenna Type box?
Do you enter NONE?

Hi Jun,

You don’t need to enter anything to Antenna Type in RTKLib.

Hi @tatiana.andreeva, I am willing to purchase RS2. But the national mapping agency in my country usually make IGS registered antenna as a precondition for GNSS receiver used in their projects. Hope RS2 can be registered in IGS in short time. Waiting for the information :blush:

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Hi @surveinusantara,

I’ll let you know once we get it :slightly_smiling_face:


@tatiana.andreeva thnak you :wink:

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@tatiana.andreeva, any update or estimate on when this will be complete? This is a significant hurdle for trusted surveyors in our area.

Hi Nathan,

I’m afraid I can’t provide you with any updates currently. We’re still working on it.

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Hi guys!

We are glad to share the news about the Reach Firmware 26 stable update. With this update, we filled in the antenna and receiver fields in the RINEX files for Reach RS2. Now, you can import the raw RINEX logs into PPP services without any changes.

You can find the detailed release notes in this thread