RS2 Future Want List

I thought I would start a thread for future wanted items on the firmware.
I would love it if the RS2 had a check box on nmea messages to force gps messages instead of gnss or even a selection of nmea messages to choose from. I ask because some older equipment needs GGA etc to work right. I am using a work around right now by using bluetooth gps app or Ntrip Client to do the message translation and it works fine but wouldn’t mind not having to use the 3rd party app. No big deal I am just asking thanks!

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Tilt Compensation!


Electronic Bubble in ReachView Survey app. (Ok, this needs to be in ReachView Future Want List, but assume only RS2 work with it?)

Hot Swappable Batteries
If the internal battery isn’t easily replaceable for whatever reason beyond warranty, the entire unit becomes disposable if needs to remain mobile as Rover. Not so much a problem for lower cost receiver like RS+, but not the RS2 higher price point, especially 2 units at a time.

I think a future model should implement 2 hot swappable batteries to keep the unit working indefinitely.

Also be able to connect your cell phone, tablet etc to this for extended all day operation.


Must come in Chrome. :upside_down_face:



Hey @brycethomaskennedy, @timd1971,

Thank you for your suggestions! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the request! It’s noted.

We have this on our roadmap and these features might be delivered via future OTA updates for both RS+ and RS2 devices.

Reach batteries can handle a lot of charging cycles with minimal capacity loss. That’s why we don’t have plans on adding the possibility to swap them.

Dual frequency M+ !


To back up that claim, then maybe offer a “extended warranty” so say after the initial year is up and I am out in the field and all of a sudden my RS2 (or RS+) will NOT power up leaving me dead in the water, but I can get a new one over nighted to keep going?

Sorry, but I have seen way to many posts about the RS+ and something wrong with them not powering up (assuming replaced within warranty in the background). It would not be good if that happened out of warranty and no repair help to be found with work to do. RS2 has not been out long enough to prove otherwise yet.

GeoTiff uploads to mapbox!


Add the ability for GPS to function as a laser transit.

  1. Set Reach at known or desired depth.
  2. Record Elevation
  3. Be able to walk along trench and check the elevation, relative to the desired depth.

It would be nice if you could input a pitch or slope relative to the original point as well.

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Get Apple to allow you to be an authorized bluetooth device so it can mask location to iOS devices!


This can be done in reachview stakeout . I use that lots .

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How do you accomplish that?

In ReachView survey tab collect a point at the spot where you want the elevation , then select stakeout for that point then go along and it will tell you how much higher or lower you are to that spot.


Like @andrew.yushkevich showed image

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But once you get far enough away from that point the ability to see elevation disappears right? I want to set my point and then move down through feet of trench, and not keep resetting my points.

ReachView Survey & Stake is pretty basic.

You can be 60 km away it will still tell you the height difference to that point


Okay I thought it changed screens and you couldn’t see the 3D mode anymore. I will have to play around with it. Thanks for your input! Now they just need to make it so you can add slope.

Yes your right about that 3D mode it moves always but right below that those numbers and the up down arrows is what I was referring to


Standalone Emlid LoRA radio

(from a future feature thread suggestion the other week)

A standalone radio with serial port (and possibly USB and Bluetooth) that is compatible with “Emlid-specific” LoRA protocol.

This could be used to connect many third-party RTK receivers, to send or receive RTCM3 corrections.

It would be very useful in Precision Ag and Survey markets.