RS2 connector


i need to build custom wiring to power my RS2. And i cant find the connector type.
It looks like a LEMO with 9 pins.

Does anyone know the correct connector for the RS2?

best regards.

without-connector.pdf (39.2 KB)

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Do you mean this one?

If you want your own connector, I typically search for “circular connector” … This would be a 9 pin circular connector.

AliExpress or ebay or other should have a few results…

purchased from EMLID

They are very specific connectors, you have to look in the Digikey LEMO catalog

Keep searching here… there are some good threads on this for the RS+, and “may” be the same, but not sure.

youre right… there is a thread to this topic.

But why is the connector type not documentet? Thats not the professional way.

Hi David,

Please check my answer from this thread:

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