Reach RS+ - External Power, Auto-On, 9-pin Lemo Connector?

It’s sort of like a LEMO but a Chinese copy that may not work with LEMO and other connectors that are supposed to be LEMO compatible.

I had actually tried five different makers of LEMO or LEMOS as they are sometimes called, to avoid trademark infringement, and only 2 out of five correctly LATCH due to slight differences in depth internally of the pins and insulator. I purchased two genuine LEMO series B, 0B sized connectors, and an old one worked (new old stock) but a brand new one from Mouser didn’t. I have a email out to a LEMO engineer now to figure out why.

I’d recommend you buy connector from Emlid. Not worth the hassle , and price of genuine LEMO much more than Emlid anyway.

Good luck!