RS2 connection error

hi guys,

we are having RS2 wifi connection problems, where wifi is often disconnected. if connected for only a few moments. we use firmware version 2.22.5? Has anyone experienced the same thing? what’s the solution? thank you.

Hi @indosurtadigital,

Could you clarify what kind of Wi-Fi network you use?

May I ask you to test this RS2 with another Wi-Fi network (for example, with a mobile hotspot) to check whether the issue persists? It’ll allow us to narrow down the issue reasons.

hi @tatiana.andreeva ,

wifi on RS2, sometimes not detected. if it has detected and try to connect automatically disconnected or request password again. FYI, our RS2 uses firmware V2.22.5 with sim card installed.

we cant try to test this RS2 with another Wi-Fi network such your suggest because we can’t connect to RS2, We have also sent a video during the test to email

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Hi @indosurtadigital,

It seems I misunderstood you at first. I’ve checked the video and now I see that the issue here is in connecting to Reach’s hotspot, not to Wi-Fi network.

Any chance you can try any other device (PC or phone) to try to connect to this Reach device?

Also, do I understand right that you haven’t experienced the same issue with other Reach devices?

hi @tatiana.andreeva,

yesterday, our team just check RS2 and we can connect RS2, but not stable. as I told you before, the RS2 wifi is not stable which if it is already connected is disconnected automatically. after disconnecting itself, the wifi is very difficult to connect, we even have to turn off the RS2 first.

We feel this experience after using firmware 2.22.5 and installing a GSM card on the device. but different cases in the RS + with firmare version 2.22.4 where the wifi connection is going well.

Hi @indosurtadigital,

I’ve just replied to your email.

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