Reach can't connect to unavailable network

@tatiana.andreeva I think there lies a weakness in the ReachView app. You can’t enter the app if you can’t detect the receiver. You can’t detect the receiver because it’s set to connect to a wifi network that may be not available. There has to be an option to turn t back to a hotspot if no wifi is detected. I can’t remember if there is a reset option to turn it back to default hotspot setting by a long press of the start button?

Hi Juan,

If I understand everything correctly, the issue we are discussing in the initial thread is slightly different: it’s about connecting to Reach’s hotspot, not to a Wi-Fi network. That’s why I moved this discussion to a new thread.

If you move out of the Wi-Fi range and Reach stuck in searching the network state, you can just turn it off by pressing the power button and then turn it on again. In this case, it will run in hotspot mode.

This happened to me as well. The network I tried connecting to was open but needed you to enter a username and password in a web browser to connect. Every time I turned the Reach RS2 unit on in range of this network it would try to connect but fail.

Like @tatiana.andreeva said if you turn on the RS2 unit outside the range of that wifi network this will put it into hotspot mode. Then under the Wifi settings inside the ReachView app you can select the wifi network and then “Forget”. Now it will no longer try to connect to that network and should start up in hotspot mode.

It is a cumbersome work around - if the RS2 doesn’t connect to a network within a certain time frame it should revert to hotspot mode.

Hi @SaskabushBear,

Thanks for the request! We have plans on improving the workflow of switching between the Wi-Fi client and hotspot mode in the future. However, I hardly can provide any ETAs.

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