RS2 can record L5?

On the unit itself it says L1/L2/L5 but your website specs says

Signals tracked GPS/QZSS L1C/A, L2C
BeiDou B1I, B2I
Galileo E1-B/C, E5b

it’s true, it doesn’t specify

What do you mean?

They should accept L5 transmissions according to the documentation, but you have to have a valid L5 constellation to take advantage of.

I believe it is available now so the receiver should already be using E5 on Galileo? If you use Galileo you have to use the checkbox in post-processing to see it in the results.


L5 is under GPS not Galileo. So is the specs on the website not updated? Or is the unit marking for future firmware update?

Nop, where do you see that?

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What is GPS l5?

Third Civil Signal: L5

L5 is the third civilian GPS signal, designed to meet demanding requirements for safety-of-life transportation and other high-performance applications. Its name refers to the U.S. designation for the radio frequency used by the signal (1176 MHz)


Hi Jun,

L1/L2/L5 stands for supported frequency bands in that case.

Reach RS2 tracks L1/L2 for GPS, QZSS, and GLONASS and E1/E5 for Galileo, which is enough for reliable and robust measurements.

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says L5 on the box?


I guess that is simply an error of the product designer when making the box. Maybe they have produced 20,000 boxes and I think it is better to use them - climate change, environment… .

I think there is nothing to worry about, until you will gain a significant advantage of L5 there will be already an RS3+.

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Not only in the box, also in the GPS


I think that is even more a hint that this is simply the result of an unprecise language/definition. I would not expect the one who is able to create such beautiful designs is also a specialist in gnss systems. Such errors happen.

Or it is a communication problem with uBlox. I got the impression that sometimes parts of the stuff does not know themselves what their product is able to do. I have a very long email discussion about the fact if the ZED-F9P evaluation board provides access to the time mark pin. It did need some E-Mails to make clear that I do not mean the PPS signal. Still not shure if their answer is right on the timemark pin… .

If I was to guess, I’d say you’re close, but maybe it is more like a generalization or decision to use more common terms.

Like if you talk to a random person and say “GNSS” they might look a you funny until you say “GPS” and then they understand what you mean. Similarily, if the product/box said:

  • L2OF, L2C, E1B/C, B2I, E5b, L1C/A, L1OF, B1I

Then many customers might be thinking:

  • :wc::latin_cross::arrow_right_hook::no_entry::negative_squared_cross_mark::copyright::grey_exclamation::loop::peace_symbol:

So even though it may not be techincally correct, it is much more elegant to just say:

  • L1/L2/L5

and then put the proper details in the specifications for technical people.


understood… but……

… the specs do not say L5? So it’s (the box) misleading. :thinking:

Maybe because L5 is pre-operational? Is it fully operational yet? If not, maybe when so, the boxes are already pre-printed and L5 of the RS2 will work when fully operational?? ; )


I`ll a give crack at it
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:rofl: :sob:

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true, but I think it is supposed to convey the idea of reception in 3-bands. If they shortened to:

  • 1/2/5

it still wouldn’t make much sense. I think for those who are interested in the technical aspects we are supposed to look at the spec and say, “Ah-ha! When they say L1, they mean B1I, L1C/A, L1OF, E1B/C. When they say L2, they mean B2I, L2C, L2OF. And when they say L5, they mean E5b.”

There’s three bands represented, and each constellation is represented in 2 of the 3 bands.

Send all that info to your marketing department and see what they come up with for the snappy product subtitle / tag line. :smile:


yes the box is misleading. where else online is Galileo E5B referred to as L5??? maybe next receiver will support L5, Ublox F9 does not seem to support L5.

Granted, but then who is upset that the receiver carries Beidou and Galileo when it doesn’t say so on the box?

OK then, this is my last line of defence against you who are taking the hard-line on this topic :wink:





I’m not trying to say it is correct, however it is used that way.

…but don’t get me started on the ficticious DB9 connector when there never was such a thing.

It is a DE-9 and I’ll take the hard line there all the way. :laughing: But people continue to call it a DB9 no matter what you do. :disappointed: