RS2 Base - Trimble and Topcon rover compatibility and MT 1007/1008

Has anyone done any interoperability testing yet with their RS2 as a base and Trimble and Topcon based rover receivers?

I’m led to believe there could be an issue with the lack of certain RTCM 3 antenna descriptor messages, basically MT 1007 (Antenna descriptor and ID) and 1008 (Antenna serial number) that Topcon and Trimble receiver expect to see, that could preclude certain of these receivers from getting an RTK fix using an RS2 as a base.

See for an example…

One for the Emlid team - How difficult would it be to add these message types on Reachview so that they could be broadcast?

Any thoughts or experience?

Good question! Let us check.


Hi @DirtyHarry,

We’ll consider adding 1007/1008 RTCM3 messages into Reach RS2 correction output in the future.

Thanks for the suggestion!


Hi @tatiana.andreeva!

It would be very nice if you add it to RS+ too if possible. Thanks a lot!!!

Wouldn’t be worth it - as the RS/RS+ are single freq. so pointless as a base with an L1/L2(L5) based rover.

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Thanks that would be very useful. Am assuming the MT’s are pre-existing within the Ublox standard config and/or RTKlib and its a relatively straightforward coding exercise to present them as options within the ReachView GUI.


Hi Christoph,

As @DirtyHarry said, it won’t be possible to use RS+ base with multi-frequency rover as RS+ can provide L1 corrections only.


If it works, i’m using a spectra sp80 as base and works perfectly with the rs2.

Hi - Have you tried the reverse Edgar? That is RS2 as a base and SP80 as a rover - does that work OK?


I have not tried but when I have the equipment available I will try it.

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Yesterday I try it, Rs2 as base and spectra sp80 as Rover with ntrip.

All works very well.



Thanks Edgar. Quite Interesting that it worked, as Spectra is basically a Trimble receiver.

I tried with a Trimble agricultural receiver AG372/AG382 (the latter only sold to AGCO but I digress) supposedly running current firmware and it only likes MSM7 messages from the base not the MSM4 messages delivered by the RS2.

Your Spectra 80 is obviously very happy to accept MSM4 corrections. Well done!